Colección Otoño-Invierno 2020


Made entirely in Spain. Being local means we have better control over all the production processes, ensuring significantly increased quality and greater agility in terms of commercial management and customer service.

In-house designs along simple lines in the quest for supreme lightness, stability and efficiency.

R&D+I. Applying the most advanced technology to make footwear that stands out for its flexibility, breathability and comfort.

A committed team. Each and every one of us involved in this exciting project works according to the criteria of unity, commitment and quality that every brand needs for the company to be successful.

Ecology. We are strongly committed to making the best use of the resources available to us, using energy efficiently and implementing a recycling policy as part of our responsible approach to protecting the environment.



Una buena piel es el secreto de unos Pepe Menargues. Un material noble al que se le proporciona un tratamiento final con cepillo y nutrientes naturales que le harán perdurar en el tiempo, proporcionándole gran suavidad al tacto y una enorme flexibilidad en su uso. Una piel curtida siguiendo unos estrictos parámetros de calidad y confortabilidad, así como respetando la normativa legal existente.